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this is the continuation of my previous blog "It's time 4 dAn"

I will continue with my mix of poetry + photography. Enjoy your read!

Hereby I oppose the ways we treat pioneers who cross the deserts, mountains and seas in order to reach our shores

critiquePosted by Daniel Graziadei 2014-11-28 02:33:55

Walk on, citizen, walk on

And while I drive by in one of these wonderful vehicles of communal transportation

I see barriers and I see cops dressed for the third world war

protecting a fountain and a hilly square

where migrants had protested in the cold open

until they decided to stop taking any fluid

as to protest their incarceration in the name of illegal immigration

under conditions unbearable to the pioneer

who came for a better life in safety and an open sphere of possibilities

The ministry of interior could not calm the temptation

to bust them in full force and two hundred strong

bring protest from the square back to incarceration

All clean all empty all fenced now

and I drive by in one of these wonderful vehicles of communal transportation

and shout at those men dressed for another class war

that shame is on them

and their upholding of an order

of walk on walk on

and there is nothing to see

Consume collect inflict and thereby be

walk on walk on

the dark side is not here for you to see

walk on walk on

or meet the force of temptation

to quell you into moderation

walk on walk on

there is nothing left to see





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